The 10 Very
The 10 Very

The 10 Very Best Movies of 2021 It’s hard to know if the world will ever but we all keep puttering along, including the troubled Although many major theatrical releases have gone straight to streaming or VOD, the movies released in the first half of this year consider intriguing questions. From the efficacy of collective action to the role of political education, the impact of the media and suffocating families or jobs, the best movies of 2021 can hold our hands through the rest of this hellish time and may even help us reexamine the world, just in time for us to emerge in it.

‘Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar’

Finally, something fun! Stress free! For the girls! This Kristen Wiig and Annie Murphy-led romp–the duo famously behind Bridesmaids–tells the story of Midwesterners Barb (Murphy) and Star (Wiig) who go to Vista Del Mar after losing their jobs at a place called Jennifer’s Convertibles. There’s Jamie Dornan musical numbers. There’s ridiculous costumes. It reminded an LA Times film critic of Austin Powers movies. It made my brain smooth.


This isn’t necessarily a movie since it’s a part of a larger New York Times produced television series, but I’m making the list and I don’t really care about semantics. I would be shocked if any of you reading hasn’t already heard about this earth shattering 75-minute special, but for those of you who are blissfully far less connected than I am, this documentary tells the story of Britney Spears’ meteoric rise and devastating crash in the late ’90s and early aughts. The docs begins with an introduction to all the key players: a talented young Britney, a media eager to vampirically suck all the life out of young girls and women, together with a father who may not have his daughter’s best interest at heart (reader: it doesn’t look good for dad Jamie Spears). We first see the ’90s media machine salivating at Britney’s innocence while chastising her for leaning into sexuality, followed by that same machine of the early 2000s, which vilified everything from Britney’s breakup with the then-greasy-haired Justin Timberlake to her parenting skills. After her frustration boiled into bashing a paparazzi’s car window, Britney was placed under a legal conservatorship controlled by her father, which gives him control over her finances and career, among other things that I don’t legally understand. The documentary arose to highlight the #FreeBritney movement, which seeks to give the singer her rights back, but the real takeaway is the impossibility of being a woman in the spotlight. ดูหนังออนไลน์


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