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Home design architect How much is the salary? Architectural design fundamentals Design the house according to the questions received from the owner of the house. Individuals who have a professional license like a doctor, lawyer, teacher and engineer are both freelance architects and architects. Their main job is to design houses according to the problems given by the landlord, combined with architectural design basics.

Taking into account the function of use along with the beauty In addition, it is also necessary to contact and coordinate with various departments, including engineers, decorators, draftsmen, construction drawings and BOQ documents for the bidding and selection of contractors. And may include completing a construction permit

And if you ask how much the salary is an architect? Senior and professional architects working all say in one voice that Must look at work experience like any other position. Because this work is the nature of art, thinking, imagination, structure And various forms of building architecture Related to life and environment Architect is another profession that requires a very high responsibility and requires considerable work experience.


Architects generally design houses in two aspects: structural architect and interior architect. Interior architect is a type of design and construction planning. It is not so easy that anyone who has completed an architect will be able to do it.

The results can be sold out. If there is no artistic head And think outside the box Working as an architect is a difficult task. Of course, design architects have to be paired with some drafting, some companies have to do both in one person to finish that project.

Some architects specialize on one or the other. Some people are good at designing only, do not like drawing. But if the design of the work is still unable to meet the needs of the customer, you have to continue to gain experience. Some people have to go to the drawing work first. Because of the line work Draw saw the work that was developed from the design

But it requires most of the experience with writing, and fresh graduates can do it for almost anyone. Therefore, the profession of an architect, the salary varies according to the portfolio. Responsibility

Salary for architect, house design, building

– Most new graduates start 15,000+ (new graduates begin to work actually, the assessor will know which area the assessors are better off. If the results come into the eyes, there may be a salary adjustment according to that job organization structure.)

– Architect with 1 year experience 18,000-25,000

– 2-3 years experience 25,000-30,000 Has more responsibilities

– Experience 3 years or more 30,000-50,000 Responsible for projects, managers (when there is an interesting performance, if able to be in a large company Responsible for salary management 100,000 ++)

Architect qualifications Want to adjust salary

– Can design according to the company and customer needs

– Can write drawings

-Can write a presentation Knowledge of materials

-Design as needed, can write a presentation and present the work Check the work, go into the document area

– Design team leader (Can be designed as needed, can write a presentation and present the work Check the work, go into the document area)

– Design manager (Can be designed as needed, can write a presentation and present the work Check the work, go into the document area) สถาปนิก


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